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02-13-2006, 01:06 PM
I took the time to write down the quest for formal wear so I could post it.

here goes :)

Before you start you will need:

183,600 A for porting (give or take)
500,000 A cash for the shoes
10 Artisan frames
15 Oriharukons
500 Silver nuggets
150 Thons
3000 Suedes
5600 Threads
200 Leathers
Several SOE's to return to town/shortcut
On PTS the mats came to 8,218,000 A O.o


ACT - Aden Castle Town
GCT - Goddard Castle Town
HS - Hot Springs
IT - Ivory Tower (Duh)
SOS - Sea of Spores

Quest is a level 60 and is a Non-repeatable quest

1) Start quest in ACT - Talk to Alexis in the accessory shop

2) Talk to Maid Leikar in ACT

3) Get a few friends together then Port to GCT (the mobs are mostly aggro around lvl 70 2X and 3X mobs)

4) Port to Forge of the Gods and run down road towards HS

5) Talk to Jeremy in HS

6) Talk to Broker Mist in HS Resort (You'll go down a different road than you came up)

7) Talk to Jeremy Again - SOE to town

8) Port to ACT and talk to Maid Leikar again

9) Talk to BS Ferris in ACT

10) Port to IT and kill Enchanted Golems (drop rate 20-30% for casters & 80-100% for DD's)

11) Port back to ACT and talk to BS Ferris

12) Retrieve your 10 Arty Frames and 10 of the Oriharukans and talk to BS Ferris again

13) Port to Giran (your chocie of port options here)

14) Talk to Jeweler Ellie

15) Port to Giran Harbor and Talk to Wharf Manager Felton

16) Go kill the ALLIGATORS on alligator beach (drop rate 20-50% Casters & 50-75% for DD's)

17) SOE to town and Port to Giran (or run to Giran)

18) Talk to Jeweler Ellie

19) Retrieve 5 Oriharukans, 500 Silver Nuggets, 150 Thons and Talk to Ellie AGAIN

20) Talk to Armor Trader Radia in Giran

21) Port to Gludio and Talk to Varan

22) Port back to giran and talk to Radia again

23) Port to IT and talk to Ralford on 1st floor

24) Go to SOS and kill Tarantulas (drop rate 10-25% casters & 20-50% for DD's)

25) Return to IT and talk to Ralford again

26) Port to Giran

27) Retreive 3000 suedes and 5000 threads and talk to Radia yet again

28) Port to ACT and talk to Maid Leikar

29) Talk to Trader Woodley (inside building that Leiker is next to)

30) Talk to Maid Leikar

31) Retreive 200 Leathers and 600 Thread and 200k A and talk to Woodley again

32) Retreive 300K A and Port to IT and talk to Trader Ian on 1st Floor

33) Return to Trader Woodley

34) Talk to Maid Leikar

35) ALL DONE - Gratz :)

Hopefully I didn't skip anything. Did the quest on 4 chars at the same time. Takes about 3-4 Hours to do whole quest with porting and killing and all. Good luck - will prolly take us awhile to get these on live - LOL If I forgot something leme know and I'll edit the post :)

02-15-2006, 09:32 AM
Nice guide!

Big Thanks From Me :D

Now i just need to get apporiate lvl and gather adena/mats :confused:

02-19-2006, 03:15 PM
Thanks! was looking for this. Time to gather more thread :(

02-20-2006, 03:31 AM
Very good guide. Sticky?