View Full Version : Elven Scout looking for suggestions

07-24-2009, 05:29 PM
Well I started to play today on Luna server, made a lvl 25 Elven Scout, I'm equiped with D grade Manticore Common set and Common D Grade Elven Jewels. Since lvl 20 I've been leveling outside of Abandoned Camp making a quest that gives adena by kill those Oel something mobs.
Now I'm looking for decent spots to level and if possible that have some quests to do to get also some profit while grinding.

Another Question: Is it good to get a pet to duo with him or Is just a waste of exp and money on shots at my level? If its good, what pet should I get? a Wolf or one of those Baby Pets?

PS: I'll prolly play with those Newbie buffs till lvl 61 since I don't have a clan and I don't have a pet buffer.

Thank you for your suggestions