View Full Version : EM - Over Enchanting

09-12-2009, 01:23 AM
Just wondering if im headed in the right direction with these:

+3 Merrew unicorn
+2 Healing Cubic ~ Power
+1 Aqua Cubic ~ Power
+2 Server Empowerment ~ Recycle
+2 Mass Surrender Water ~ Chance

Any other skills i should be doing? I figure transfer pain for sure but i dont OLY or PVP atm so im not concerned with it (Plus i ran outta sp lol)

Incase it matters, heres my setup:

M.Arcana Set Unsealed
Tatosean Set Unsealed
Mastercrafted Imperial Staff with Water Element 150 + MP Regeneration SA + AOE Water Attack Augment pwr 55

09-12-2009, 01:43 AM
Transfer Pain now is questionable... Mine's +5 but I wish it weren't so high. It transfers about 60% to the pony. In PVP it's a little bad b/c I need my pony and I can't always heal it fast enough. On something like a necro it's nice to have as much transfer as possible, even if it kills the summon b/c it gives you a time where you are taking little damage... But, anyways, not to go off topic or anything I'd just say be careful just how high you take your Transfer Pain.

I'd save your SP for Mass Surrender b/c you won't use that too much really (it's not even that good for AOE'ing with pony b/c it lasts so briefly on the mobs)