View Full Version : WTS list

11-17-2010, 08:07 AM
I have finally organised all my items so I can make a list of things to sell :):
- Com SLS*SLS, 2m
- 55 hatchling (no name), 10m ***SOLD***
- 55 improved kookaburra, name = Pecks (I didn’t name it, it was like that when I got it lol), 15m ***SOLD***
- 55 improved cougar (no name), 20m
- +3 majestic boots (light), 5m*
- Salvation bow, 5m*
- Cat ears, 4m ***SOLD***
- Com majestic light body (sealed), 1.5m
- Com NM boots (sealed), 250k
- Com DC boots (sealed), 150k
- Chrono Darbuka, 6m

Mail AviusCorpus if you are interested in any :)

If I edit prices I shall mark them with a * :)