View Full Version : WTS Enchant Scrolls, Life Stones

02-17-2011, 11:34 PM
All the enchant scrolls prices listed are for quantity 1. The more you order, the lower the price.

All the Life Stones prices are fixed no matter the quantity.

PM or mail Khouri in-game (mail preferred).

02/21 UPDATE: I am currently out of Enchant S.

Weapon Scrolls
BEWS: 100m (Out of stock)
EWS: 10m (Out of stock)

BEWA: 30m
EWA: 4m

BEWB: 15m
EWB: 1.5m

Armor Scrolls
BEAS: 30m (Out of stock)
EAS: 1m (Out of stock)

BEAA: 6m
EAA: 500k

BEAB: 2m
EAB: 250k

Top-Grade LS (limited quantity)
Level 61: 2m
Level 67: 4m
Level 70: 5m
Level 76: 10m
Level 80: 15m
Level 82: 20m
Level 84: 25m

High-Grade LS
Level 61: 500k
Level 64: 500k
Level 67: 1m
Level 70: 1m
Level 76: 1m
Level 80: 2m
Level 82: 2m
Level 84: 2m

Mid-Grade LS
Level 61: 50k
Level 64: 50k
Level 67: 50k
Level 70: 100k
Level 76: 150k
Level 80: 200k
Level 82: 300k
Level 84: 300k

No-Grade LS
Level 61: 25k
Level 64: 25k
Level 67: 25k
Level 70: 50k
Level 76: 75k
Level 80: 100k
Level 82: 150k
Level 84: 150k