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04-26-2013, 10:30 AM
Hello i bought before some days 3 Blessed Scroll Enchant Weapon Pack for 720 Ncoin to take 3 Blessed Scrolls R grade I read the can acquire but i think wright it gives reagrding level so i can wear r grade i will acquire r grade BUT NO so waste money or problem? ncsoft has gambling permission?
Before weeks i bought 100% and 200% drop rate rune? nothing better that casual i have check the forums but i say nhaa the ncsoft has fix it. waste money 2
today i am searching and found the seal so i went to fund my account with money to purchase seal packs but i made a seconf thought and i tell me maybe the seals are scam like others so i had some coins and i bought 2 to acquire r grade seals. nop chance c grade.
I want to scream what the F... is going on? I cannot beleive that a company has scamming behaviour or he turns in gambling scamming company.
I am loyal to ncsoft and that was my thoughs.

By the way. when i see the info about 9th annicersery i search the internet for info and i read about 8th anniversery and i was very happy and digging my mind how can i save some money to buy ncsoins.
After when i see the 9th anni info i shocked. Nothing compares to 8th. except they have surprises in the following days.
i am a little dissapoint.
Have a nice day and my better wishes to the game.