View Full Version : Tradable L2 Store

07-23-2013, 11:12 AM
Let's make all L2Store content ingame tradable. So people, who want get adena for their $ don't need use RMT service. Simple.

Today RMTs are the only way to get adena for $ for people who are willing to spend $ while want to get ingame adena fast. Just make for these people another ways than RMTs and then you will cripple RMT's business. This one is easy. Crippling RMT business will cripple those botters who are botting to gain $. With this, they could bot to obtain vitality pots or Ninja sets or whatever for their adena (cg!), but they would be still unable to easily obtain $. That's the point.

This would set competitive enviroment between RMTs prices for adena and ingame price for adena (being set by balance between offer/demand on ingame market). Moreover it's not purely price ratio adena/$ what people are considering. If there is "legal" possibility to obtain slightly more expensive adena for $ and "illegal" possibility to obtain slightly cheaper adena, overall people tends to use legal way. Our today problem is, that there is no "legal" way at all.

Loosing monopoly to sell adena for $ will put RMTs prices and profits under pressure. On the other hand it will raise profits of NC West from L2Store and will make all players "equal" in access to exclusive items ("legits" might get to less items then "donators", but still they can access that content, with even raising NC West economy instead ruining it).

This could cripple, or eliminate that sort of botters who's botting for $.

But there are many botters botting for level or for adena to owner (not intended to sell for $). The only working way how to deal with them which world knows seems to be practiced on Innova - living GM banning most obvious bots at most frequented places.

With raised income after retaking part of RMT's business NC West wouldn't need to fear to ban them because of never-loudly-told economic reasons -> maybe start of better tomorrows ;-)