View Full Version : SubClass Change Cert Aug 2013

08-28-2013, 04:07 PM

Does anyone know about/has anyone tried the new subclass change certificate added to L2Store tonight?

I am indirectly asking in respect of the subclass restrictions by archetype per character that the game has imposed the recent years. Some years ago, there was no such subclass restriction. I'm sorry, I have left the game for quite a few years, and there appears to be a huge gap in my ingame tech knowledge and i cannot determine with accuracy by searches of forum posts, which changes were effected & has stayed, and which had reverted. Current info on this game has become quite messy.

For example, if i create a Human Tyrr (Main), i can't naturally subclass into a Tyrant (Orc Tyrr) or Destroyer (orc Tyrr) now. Will this certificate allow me to break those restrictions?

What about changing subclass of an archetype to a kamael class of that archetype (eg. a subclass of Prophet to Inspector)? I'm referring to Kamael class restrictions here.

What about other specific restrictions : no one can sublass into Overlord, into Warsmith, LE vs. DE classes, Paladin & Hellknight etc.? Does this subclass cert allow me to circumvent these restrictions?

Many thanks.

08-28-2013, 04:20 PM
If it didn't concern bypassing restrictions, then the only special function of this cert, costing NC1,200, would be to allow a subclass to retain it's level, yes? (Max @ 80 currently under any circumstance. let's not confuse with dual-class posts here).

Because even without this item, i can already scrap my sub and recreate a new one at Raina as long as that subclass is within the restrictions of my character make-up.