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Lothlian 03-19-2012 03:59 AM

Chronicles of Llothlian
A long time ago I wrote some intro fluff for my character, I didn't get very far, so I thought I would get back to it. Remember these first few sections are almost 8 years old now, so be kind. I'll be adding more to it later to cover events after C1 lol.

Lothlian 03-19-2012 03:59 AM

Re: Chronicles of Llothlian
The coloured floor tiles rang to the sound of his footsteps. Black and red; Purity and blood; Shillien Knight and Blade Dancer. Strange the things that cross your mind in times of stress. The corridor was part of the last academy of Dark Elves outside their homeland, the last bastion of Her glory in the thrice-****ed White Elven territory. The Humans had been putting pressure on them to relocate the academy, but the Dark Elves care little for veiled threats and less for political [censored]. The academy would stand unto the last.

“Why in hell is my mind wondering like this?” He muttered. “And why in Her name am I talking to myself?”

He still had not mastered the mental discipline taught by the Masters at the academy, which is one of the reasons his mind wondered at times like this.

He knocked a door, marked with the sign of the Tetriach. “Grand Master” in the Old Tongue. It is a sign of the times that he even thought in the filthy language of the Mon’kai, the Humans who have infected the lands like a plague. The Tetriach was at his desk reading paperwork, reports on the pupils no doubt.

“So pupil, you survive.” Said the Tetriach, obviously surprised. “Who would have thought it?”

“A scout camp you said. A simple task you said. Sneak in and kill a scout you said. A simple bloody task you said!” A wandering mind was not his only failing; he also had a fiery temper when he didn’t keep it carefully in check.

“Watch your tongue, pupil, or I’ll watch it for you.”

“Forgive me, Tetriach. I meant no offence. There was a Plains Walker in the camp. It was unexpected.”

“And yet you live. The Elf is dead, I assume, or you would not be here. You are growing well. It is time for you to choose.”

The choice. To chose your Path, you’re gift from Shilen, and perhaps most importantly, you’re name.

“Tetriach… I have only been with the academy for two decades, it is so soon.”

“You have earned it, there are few who could defeat a Plains Walker even years after their Choice, and year here you are, unscathed. It is quite an accomplishment.” The Tetriach praised.

He had thought long about his Choice, and as of yet had only found answers for two of the three.

“Do you have your Choice made, or do you yet need time?” The Tetriach continued.

“I have all that is required of me for now. I do not have the disciple to stand fast and defend our people from the foe, but I have the fire in my heart, and the Dance of Blades comes easily to me. I choose to become a Blade Dancer, the Path of Blood, and take the fight to our enemies.” The pupil explained.

“Very good.”

“I have not made a choice about my gift yet. There are still many years before it has meaning to me, so I would rather learn more, and make the right decision, than make in haste.”

“So you show wisdom, after all. And what name do you choose for yourself?”

“I choose Llothlian.”

“It is done, Llothlian.”

Lothlian 03-19-2012 04:00 AM

Re: Chronicles of Llothlian
The sword slipped in his opponents grip as blood trickled onto the hilt from a wound on his arm. One of the wounds on his arm. It was hardly a fight; the younger man wasn’t even a challenge. It would end soon, but he was having too much fun toying with the swordsman.

Taking advantage of his opponents mistake he feigned to the right, then brought his off hand blade down to strike at the pommel of the unbalanced steel, sending it clattering across the stone floor.

“**** you!” the young man exclaimed as he dropped to one knee and rolled away. It was almost over, with his main weapon out of reach the opponent would not last much longer.

He allowed the other fighter to regain his feet, raising an eyebrow as he switched his short sword to his main hand and drew his belt dagger with his off hand.

“You have lost a lot of blood, most likely bleeding to death and you do not have your weapon. Why do you fight on?” The older man asked.

“Without victory there is nothing! Defend yourself!” He said launching into a series of brutal attacks. The older combatant parried or evaded each and every attack. A fresh gash across his opponents’ ribs and deep laceration on his left bicep as his sword drew blood once more.

“Quarter! I yield!” The young man shouted, before dropping to the floor in a heap.

“Elder get him to the infirmary, do not Heal him but bring him around.”


The first thing Llothlian felt upon waking on the hard bed was the fire in his side. He had been defeated. Defeated badly. Slowly examining his wounds he realised he was unlikely to see another sunrise without aid. He had hardly noticed them in the heat of the battle.

“What did you learn?” The Master who had beaten him asked.

“You are too fast. I cannot hit you.”

“Is that all? You disappoint me. Remember my words!”

His words? What in the hells is he talking about? He said hardly two words during the entire fight. Slowly realisation dawned on him. “If you want the swords, you must take them from me.” The master had told him before they fought.

“May I have the swords?” Llothlian asked tentatively.

“So you do learn. Not all battles may be won with swords. That is your first lesson. Learn it well, or no matter how well you learn the Dances you will end in a shallow grave.” The master explained. “Elder Heal him. You,” pointing to the red livered servant “fetch Llothlians' new Katana and Wakizashi.”

Lothlian 03-19-2012 04:04 AM

Re: Chronicles of Llothlian
Xylors forces were in a commanding position. He had come around his hill at the perfect moment and smashed Llothlians forces. It would be incredibly difficult to pull a victory from this mess. Llothlian moved a piece around the right flank and attacked, hoping to distract Xylor from the attack he had been planning on his left for 3 turns.

Stones is not a game for the faint at heart. In many ways it mimicked the battlefield. Move your forces around your hill too soon, your attack will falter before it has begun, move them too late and you will find more than you bargained for waiting for you. Xylor is a master at the game.

“As I was saying, the Big Boom won at the Derby. Who would have thought it, a complete unknown coming in and beating the reigning champion? What’s he name? The Strider. No matter.” Xylor continued, around the pipe stem between his teeth. “Lost 50,000 Adena on that, Cerelia will not be happy. We were supposed to go on the Heine pleasure cruise this weekend, but I will have to cancel that. Not happy at all. Are you even listening?”

“What? Oh, yes, yes. I’m concentrating, sorry. What were you saying?” Llothlian asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” Xylor replied, placing a stone.

Excellent. One more turn and I’ll be ready to take his left flank out. Llothlian thought moving his Commander dangerously close to Xylors stones. Hopefully he will suspect a trap, and see the units I have positioned on the right, and move stones from there to protect.

“That’s sloppy for you. Wait a minute. Ah, I see now.” Xylor said moving his pieces to counter the feign.

“Indeed.” Llothlian moved his pieces on the left flank wiping out most of Xylors stones. He allowed himself a small smile. The game was firmly in Llothlians favour again.

“Not bad. But you should have seen this coming.” Xylor moved a stone Llothlian had discounted as out of position. “Plans within plans, Lloth, that is what they taught you at that Academy isn’t it?” Placing the stone he neatly cut off Llothlians commander. A master.

“I should have known it wouldn’t be so easy. A good match Xylor. Lets do it again soon. But I have to be going now, I have to buy some whetting stones.” Llothlian said finishing his Caff. The bitter black drink really was excellent, a rarity these days though.

“Hold on a minute. I’m not sure if you know but Arka is planning to attack Giran. The rebels still hold it; they don’t even fly a banner! What sort of lord doesn’t fly his banner? Anyway, I have pledged my Legion to aid in the attack.” Xylor explained.

“So that is why you have been hiring every Dwarf this side of the Glacian Ocean.”

“Yes. I would like you to command a Cohort, Llothlian. I know you have experience leading men in the Dragon insurgencies.” Xylor went on.

Llothlian stared, obviously shocked. “Why me? You have plenty of good men in your army.”

“You have what I need. You are a natural leader. Besides, who better to inspire men to scale walls than a Bladedancer? I don’t know how you do it, but I’ve seen units led by a Bladedancer cut swathes through forces which should have crushed them in minutes. What do you say?”

“What’s the catch?” Asked Llothlian suspiciously.

“No catch, I just need a Captain for a Cohort. Tell you what; I will even lend you one of my Smiths to craft your Gift after the battle is over.”

“If I do this, I do it by my rules, and I bring in my own lieutenants who I have fought with before. I want a Gatekeeper there too.”

“A Gatekeeper? What do you need one of those for at a siege? Never mind, I’ll see what I can do. So we have a deal?” Xylor asked.

As the two men shook hands Fate itself smiled as it wrapped events around Llothlian.

Lothlian 03-19-2012 04:09 AM

Re: Chronicles of Llothlian
Ok that is what I have, I will get to writing more tonight!

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