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Itillien 10-05-2010 09:50 AM

Goodbye Bartz!
Well the time has come to say goodbye to Bartz and hello to our new home in Chronos, I wanted to make a final Bartz thread with some of the good memories you have from the server.

I've been in Bartz since prelude so that would make it 5 or 6 years I think, a lot of good friends who've come and gone and, a lot of god memories.

Last night a bunch of us went nostalgic and we started playing around in the Giran arena for one last time, it was chaos, but it was fun chaos!. Before that I had been with an alt to Cruma tower, went in to the first floor where I've found fast leveling for my lvl 40 tyrant but I wanted to explore. So I went up to the core entrance and also stayed a bit on the 2nd floor.

Without noticing it, I ended up at the room in 2nd floor where my old clan (my first clan ever) had once partied, it was a clan only party, spots would only open to party members and it was a long non stop party. We camped that room for 48 hours, I went into the party stayed for about 12 hours, went to bed and woke up to find the party still there.

Then I rejoined the party and stayed some 8 hours, my understanding is that the party broke up next day. This was back in C1, What are your memories of Bartz?


ShadoWave 10-05-2010 12:44 PM

Re: Goodbye Bartz!
I started here about 3 months ago
My char was a Hawk Eye, I as lvling with other 8 players. we all started here at the same time, as a party
The guy playing the Abyss Walker quit, so I decided to play as as a dagger
Ppl where about lv 40 and I was starting over from 1
My worst nightmare was from lv 36 to 40 lvling in Hardins Academy
About 0,20 exp per mob, in a place with very few mobs
(seven signs was in the no-subscribe week btw)
we had a fight when me and a friend were trying to make ppl wait for me while i reached their lvl's with the new char

Well acctualy i'm lv 76 Ghost Hunter

Bye bartz and see you all at Chronos ;)

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