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Zulkath 02-24-2015 11:32 PM

How well would u say GK does in both pve n pvp? Dont see too many gks, see alot of Dn n duelists, titans

Aen0re 06-21-2016 02:13 AM

Re: Gk
UP! I have the same question.

Pleistoros 08-08-2016 08:36 AM

Re: Gk
I have GK dual class and i notice:
Gk its a dependentofgear class. Have good, top items>>>you rule.
And about strenth...its not close to titan, its a bit weak comparing with Eviscerator in pve(with end game setup you can out damage Eviscerator).
In pvp he is doing better then Titan and Evi but ....GK its far from Duelist and Doombringer.

Personal, i dont like to play GK...but its "degustibus".
After all, seeing ppl like BornInHell you get an inspiring feeling :D

BornInHell 02-08-2017 01:04 PM

Re: Gk

Originally Posted by Pleistoros (Post 3537437)
After all, seeing ppl like BornInHell you get an inspiring feeling :D

:D:D:D I'm playing the same class (Monk->Tyrant->Grand Khavatari) since closed beta in Korea. The only reason i was playing a duelist was due to original change to my class, since after the introduction of GoD patch, there was just 1 Tyrr class for all, so the game forced us all go that route. As far as GK's strength overall - you are right they are a mid tier. They are rather weak in pvp compared to other Tyrr classes due to lack in a CC, but probably #2 in PVE after Titan, #3 in AOE PVE after Titan and Dreads.

However, if you are playing the way i am Main+Box Iss, i'd say they are a good choice, since playing 3 clients only drops my dmg due to a constant need for alt+tab.

Can GK solo AOE top Atelia spots - yes, is it as good as Titan/Dread/Maestro? No.
Can Titan solo aoe Superion w/o SoS -> No. GK can.

All things being equal GK are probably #2 in PVP strength after Gladiators. But due to RNG they drop down to nearly last spot, i'm just abusing my knowledge of other classes, knowing what their weaknesses and strength are. It's unfortunate that the majority of NA players fail to understand it, or just don't bother to put some thought into it.

P.S. I'd recommend getting Tanzanite Jewel Lv. 4-6. Pretty much the only item that dictates if you win or lose in PVP.

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