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Default Re: Dex vs Srt Updated

Originally Posted by Mikentag84 View Post
Hi people well I spend almost 1 day looking for the huge value post threads ect but couldn't find any news from the last up date .
I can see the effect of SRT by Judi lab is lame to be honest . ..
But I can't see the effect of Dex test anywere.

So I came to a conclusion dose DEX effect vital spot success or not

And when saying vital spot who can you explain that ? As a half kill or a huge crit from skill .

I need to hear your opinion on this and I will send Judi a pm asking to do the same test with dex ...

Othell Rogue's Half-Kill


90 STR and DEX of Yul and Othell


Yul Archer and Othell Rogue Skill Critical Rate


Othell Rogue ability hit chance


The Influence of DEX/STR on Othell Rogue's Skills


***** replace by 4 g a m e

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