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Hi my friend. Welcome back to game.

You can easily reach lvl 99 (max lvl now is 110). Instances like Kartia/Crystal Caverns (Armed Version is hard)/Baylor/Balok are easy and you don't need to have very good gear to do them (r95 armor + r95 weapon are fine).

At Nightmare Kamaloka if you don't be lvl 100 will be hard to find party and even reach the lvl some parties will be ask you to link your weapon.

After lvl 99 if you want to do instances like Atelia Fortress/Altar of Shilen that they gives good xp you must have the appropriate gear. That gear costs billions adena so needs time and patience. For example If you have dd you must have at least +12/+13 r99 weapon. Some parties for this instances wants only players with pve weapons.

So for instances after lvl 99 you choose to waiting until some day have the appropriate gear or to give real money.

Your choice is yours.

....If you love the game just simple play and never do the mistake try to compare you gear with the gear of the top players of the server because you will be disappointed and leave the game. Most players leave for that reason....
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