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Exclamation Fishing Item Exchange Rate Change

Update: September 11, 2017 6:20pm PDT -

Hello all,

Since Neutron made several replies to this thread prior to the weekend with some additional input on how and why this fix was implemented, I'm following up this week to let you know that we're continuing to read and gather your feedback* to present to the L2 Dev Team.

To be clear, we absolutely agree that this situation should've been handled and communicated better, and apologize that it wasn't.

We feel strongly that any unintended game mechanic that gets abused to generate a very large percentage of Adena income, and can lead to massive economic inflation, needs to be fixed as soon as it's identified. However, in this case we do recognize that there's correlation between the extent to which this bug was exploited, and the current significant challenges with earning Adena through in-game means.

In an ideal scenario, we'd implement more sweeping changes to the game to ease the burden of accruing Adena at the same time as any exploit fixes which cut off a common revenue stream. Changes of this scope take more time to implement and test though, and a blatant exploit that so heavily impacts the economy can't be left unaddressed in that time frame.

That said, we do appreciate the feedback. We'll continue to closely monitor the situation in-game and your input on the forums. We'll provide any updates we can as soon as they're available.

*Regardless of how vehemently you might disagree with the change, those of you who are presenting your feedback thoughtfully and without insulting remarks, inappropriate language, or conspiracy theories are helping to ensure that important criticisms are being documented. In order to present specific opinions internally, we need to hear from players who can voice their concerns in specific terms without resulting to making the types of comments that violate the Forum Guidelines and need to be moderated. We want to thank you for taking the time to express yourself in a considerate manner.


Original Post: September 6, 2017 12:34pm PDT

Hello all,

As mentioned in the weekly maintenance notification yesterday, we’ve applied a change to select fishing item exchange rates with today’s update. Prior to maintenance 4 Powerful Fish could be exchanged for 3 Elcyum Powder, which made the process of collecting Elcyum Powder via fishing and selling it to a vendor for Adena extremely lucrative. This was an issue resulting from NPC sell values being changed in a previous update, while the exchange rate in the shop wasn’t properly updated to reflect the new prices. It was an oversight on our part that was never intended to provide such a profitable method of earning Adena.

In today’s update we applied a fix so that the same exchange for 3 Elcyum Powder now requires 12 Powerful Fish and yields a more appropriate vendor sell value. We apologize for not identifying and fixing this value discrepancy sooner. Whenever possible we want to avoid letting issues that have a severe, unintentional impact on the game economy persist—we understand that such a generous exchange of fishing items to Adena quickly sets players’ income expectations.

If you ever come across a method of obtaining currency that feels exceptionally rewarding for the effort required, please don’t hesitate to submit a bug report in-game.


The Lineage II Team

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