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Default Re: IB4 Post update QQs

Guys, you just miss one point here its video game so basicly should be for fun/relax after your 8+ hour shift in corpo circus (yes its only for example all who want to say i am boss and i work for my own :P)

Since most fun gives pvp (as you see in l2store where 95% are pvp "promos") there is a reason to have a "sides" on server. Ofcourse there was always a place here for pve clans/ppl who like grind solo or with friends. But... the rest are here to pvp, question is how to pvp on 1 side server? Kill some random flaged on parnasus? Force war on macro farmers? I do it but i dont like it, i want 2h fun on siege, i want daily pvp for spot, i want to find wartag exping on spot. But our "pvp" people choose to go DH as a strongets clan on server. So we stick with 3 partys in Husaria who still willing to keep open war. When we start pvp versus some party we geting fast lots of other DH players who want fun too. Thats why we call Husaria last resistance and looking for more people. Other way all pvp players die from borring :P
Ofcourse there is a chance for merge one day but we stick on now and here
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