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Default Re: IB4 Post update QQs

Originally Posted by Munch View Post
Yeah, broke what I said, but only be cause I despise hypocrits such as you. You know quite well, what I'm talking about (don't panic too much, you might know your clannies less, than you might think you do) Ever heard about the saying "Wolf in sheep's clothing"? You're something like that, though, far away from being a wolf.

As for the list, hate might've been a bit of a too hard word, more or less rather "dislike" list. Nevertheless, it's a game, right?

I'll tell you one more thing, it's funnier when someone has seen/or in possession of certain things, than the one that pretends, what's going on and tries to deny it.
omg Kindergarden....

Stop acting like a little kid and if you got something to say, just ***ing do it already!

I told you 2 pages before to post those mysterious top secret screens that you were babbling about. Now I repeat it: Post whatever u think makes me a hypocrite. Yeah you see I'm already so much in panic, lolz
Also POST what "dislike" or hatelist I have on facebook... FYI: I log into facebook once every few weeks to post there some Thrash Metal videos or Anti Naz1 Songs and that's it.

PS: Say your ***ing Nick or shut the F up and stop your cryptic attention whor_eing ty

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