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Default MorningStar Recruiting (Chronos Server)

Are you tired of being:
- in a dead server?
- in a one sided server?
- to log-in in-game just to do dailies and logout?
- to see all your hard earned PvP gears collect dust because there's no PvP
in your server?
- to be bullied around by those people from the top clan?
- and most of all not enjoy the game because of the players who takes
advantage of the game for their self-satisfaction.

If you are any of this what are you waiting for?

MorningStar The True People's Clan is recruiting 103+ PvP CPs and Solo players. We are looking for active players who loves competition and challenge to fight against the best of the best.


-At least +8 dark set
-Abundance lvl 1 high or more
-At least 30 day pack epics
-Anakim Talisman/7s
-At least lvl 3 or more jewels

Damage Dealers
-At least +8 dark set
-At least +12 dark weapon
-At least a 30 day pack epics
-Anakim or 7s
-At least lvl 4 or more jewels
-Monkey belt or CoC Belt
-Abundance lvl 1 or more

Those brave warriors that would love to experience true competition and loves the challenge of fighting against a zerg and compete on a high quality PvP suchs as "THIS". Message or PM Zureil or any officers from MorningStar.

Have a nice day
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