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Default Re: MorningStar Recruiting (Chronos Server)

Originally Posted by banan666 View Post
So this is it?

7 vs 7 organized PvPs? Really? Bringing the "RS" system to Chronos and MS? You already tried that on Naia. While I do admit your CP was able to stand against DH top parties 80% your clan mates were not. 7 vs 7 on Parnasus or Blackbird does not win the game. Trying to take advantage of momentum for transfers in your +8 normal set fun club? You need there the meat shield or what? Till now your biggest contribution towards Naia was that you have Aden for 2 weeks and after that deep black nothing till triggering a transfer madness. So for last 2 years you are the biggest contributor towards "deathing" the server.

GL Chronos...
If we were able to bring down DH and kick them out of Aden and controlled every castle in Naia (except rune since we gave that to DH after a month since they said no 10% pvp damage from castle no daily PvP) for 8 months with "80% of our clanmates being under geared like you said doesn't that say a lot about our system
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