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Default Re: Legendary dyes!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by atarth View Post
Dyes from fort need so much xp,no new player is going to achieve in this life.
The Dyes do not cost exp.The person needs to level to get 4th class change to use the +5 dyes to even begin with.Fort dyes cost Fame,Adena,and Ke's.There's 3 different type of +5 dyes there.They are +5/-2,+5/-2 + certain element,and +5/-1 +certain Element.And just because someone is new doesn't mean they can't work to achieve their goal of obtaining them.After 85+ and hard work they can earn some adena if they play smart.It's better than saying you can only get them from event,other players selling them from event,Or taking a chance on Mysterious Dye merchant.At least now he knows of another way to obtain them.Good Luck dude in whatever you decide to do.

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