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Default Re: Legendary dyes!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for all the information, I didn't even know there was other sorts of dyes than the one available in the mysterious dye merchant...

So what are ALL the dyes available to me?

If i understand correctly, there is the +5 ones... the +5 +1.. the +5 -1 from fort (But since GOD the (-1) is appliable only on 1 single stat, I used to do +CON -DEX but this option isn't available anymore, only +CON -STR is available now. do thoses dyes in fort have +con -dex?

And also... since it's god and that many things changed.. I will go with my logic here...

The best dyes u can get are legendary Lv5 +5 +1... and you have 3 dye spot...

So theorically... if you get the BEST possible dyes... you will have For a fighter.

+5 CON +1 STR
+5 STR +1 DEX
+5 DEX +1 CON

Hence, +6 CON +6 STR +6 DEX

But I remember clearly that in previous chronicle, the maximum stats increase from the dye system was capped at +5, and there was no cap at the amount you could lower them by using the dyes... (You could do +4 -6, +4 -6 and +4 -6 on the same stats and get -18 of that stats, but still only just +5 on the "boosted" stats)

But did this change in GoD... because of the new dye... LOGIC would say that the new cap is set on +6 stats from any dye on any ONE stats.

But it could also be like before (Capped on +5)

Or it could be totally uncapped, which i really hope it is... but I doubt...

So tell me, what is it? Is it capped on +5, +6 is there no cap or is the cap something else?

Thank you alot for all your answers and this discussion that went on was very informative thank you!

Edit : Also... since GoD... the stats from all the chars changed... I mean... a normal human before used to have for a fighter, around what... 45-50 STR max, and a normal human mystic used to have something like 45-50 INT Max, so the increase with the dye (INT) or (STR) used to greatly increase stats... It seems that now thoses stats almost doubled, a human mystic has close to 100 INT and a human fighter has close to 100 STR... So I'm wondering, was +5 STR ALOT better before than it is now, or it's still incredibly important to have the increase now too? (I remember when you reached level 40 with a mage... the awesome increadibly strong benefit you would get from getting the +4 WIT +4 INT dyes... made your level 39 look like if it was 20 levels below... but now does thoses INT/WIT/STR/CON affect the char as much?

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