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Default Re: Producer Q&A Answers!

Originally Posted by steek View Post
Seriously NCWest team.
L2 Classic recenly was updated to v2.0 Saviors. A lot of things were added. Macros can be auto repeated. Exp is much easier, also fishing is added which gives a lot of bonuses.. with new macros everyone's fishing afk.

Maybe it is time to have a serious discuss about new server??
why don't you use search so you can make a post that first refutes all the previous L2classic topics and the reasons posted there why it's not going to work on NCWest ?

none of what you post here takes care of that.. to keep it simple tell me how many players do you expect in NCWest Region will play the needed 5 support classes for each party ?

do you really expect that many players will be rolling as BD / SWS / PP / WC / OL / SE / EE / Cardi ? and then I'm being optimistic about the amount of Tanks..
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