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Default Re: Lab Requests Thread

Testing: Bow/Crossbow critical damage modifier - Underground
Question: Normal attack critical damage was always 2x the normal damage. On Lindvior update this was changed that based on weapon type(bow, dagger, etc).
Simple test: Make lvl 99 human fighter, no skills learned(passive/active), no buffs, no jewerly. Only a r99 bow in hand. Be invencible, hit any npc or mob and you'll see bow critical hits do nowhere near 2x damage. Other weapons are 2x and some above 2x.
Reason: Bows/Crossbow critical damage was nerfed hard, making it useless on pvp and weak on pve.

You can clearly see that he hits for 5k normal hit, and 8,5k critical while having no buffs or jewerly.
And that critical amount has already 25% bonus(15% from Kelbim Bow and 10% from Superior Critical Arrow passive).

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