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Default Re: Abundance Talisman Event

Originally Posted by Oeste View Post
There have been multiple suggestions related to making items more "affordable" in order to gain additional revenue from increased sales volumes, we don't know and probably will never know, how is it that NC sets item prices on the L2Store, but being basic economics I wonder if they have ever forecasted or analyzed the impact of increased sales volume by reducing item prices in the bottom line revenue. I fear that if the financial aspects of the game as a poorly managed as the community, they have not and therefore they are missing out not only on additional revenue but on making the game more populated by having a healthier cost/benefit ratio for players.

Keep in mind I am not arguing if the items can be afforded, I'm just wondering if this could be improved for everyone's benefit. The current "Free Game Model" applied by many MMO's and multiple mobile apps is based heavily on the "Big Whales Theory", as long as this vision of how games should be managed operates we will not see any changes on how NC manages this game.

The problem you point at I don't see as a problem, the bigger problem is that not openly supporting L2 items for adena transactions between players, by having in game mechanism to make it transparent, (like for example replacing the gift option for a sale option in L2 store purchases or making all in store items available in game and vice-versa), there are "black areas" that allow RMT (Adena sellers) to continue to happen.
Yes, but that's completely different thing really.
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