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Default Re: Abundance Talisman Event

Originally Posted by DreamSeeker View Post
Thoughts crossed my mind when I checked the Abundance Talisman Store Promo today.

The reward table hasn't changed at all. Is it because NC has stopped caring for us? or is it something else? They could've easily made some fine adjustments to boost the popularity of The Abundance Talisman Promo, making it more appealing, but they haven't. So, what is it?

I am thinking NC is just busy counting money with their new launch of Lineage M(Mobile Lineage) in Korea, so all their focus is on the new game but I am guessing something else.

(Oh, by the way, Good Job Neutron! for having 50% exp server setting and huge discounts on 200% exp runes + vitality items. This is the best thing ever among all the other past exp events!)

Basically, it's a survey.

When the 2 weeks promotion period ends, NC will count how many Ncoins were spent for Abundance Talisman promo VS Exp Runes + Boost items.

If enough people are still buying for the Talisman = We have enough new comers + Returners = Next updates will be delayed.
If the majority of the Ncoins were spent for EXP stuff? that only means most people have enough stuff already = new updates will come soon.

Maybe I am right, or may I am wrong...We shall see...
Interesting theory, You might be up to something
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