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Default Re: Abundance Talisman Event

Originally Posted by mixa View Post
You're are very silly....

Buy the Boost box and I'm sure you'll get what you've paid for. The promo sells boxes with chance. If you don't like how that works, don't buy them, no one forces you to, does it?
Hi Mixa. I don't know for sure how all the na lorreries work but I bought some powerball tickets when i went to NYC. Correct me if I am wrong but in a lottery someone is supposed to win 100% a big price at the end of the story and who organizes the lottery is supposed to take the rest. In here there's only one winner, ncwest, and reading all of your posts in a bulk you're writing as an employer not as a player. Who hasn't never ever complained about ncwest way of acting? Only one. Guess who is this guy.
Since there's only one winner with this boxes thing the only proper comment in here was made by Draecke. This has become a Casino.
I'm not a game designer nor part of a dev team but hey how the hell can it be so impossible to create an icon with the 7s energy or a dragon weapon frag and put them in the L2 store say for 8.000 ncoins????? Everyone will click those icons.
I don't want a korean random % I want the items, pixel items to be crystal clear.
This way ncwest is feedind the rmters only that. The more boxes they put in the l2store with the korean random % the more they are feeding the rmters.

As for the xp bonus no thanks. I bought some jewel boxes from players and I miss only the ele shirts and the cheer stamen [edit and flash grenades ;P].
After that I will be fine.
Don't want to waste the money I earn working for real of a 30 day **** pack. My point is if ncwest wants the money it has to sell pixel items not a korean random % of getting pixel items. From getting an item and to have a korean random % of getting that item there are like 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 universes in between.
As I have already said a ton of times the only event that deserves real money is the heine one.
Who wants to exp can exp and who wants to convert real money into adenas has the best ratio change ever. Who is so mad to convert 100 bucks in 8 billions while heine on he can have 25 billions?
The answer is someone who doesn't give the proper weight to the bucks someone else has earned and is in a hurry to grab a pixel item.

Originally Posted by __SpOO__ View Post

I did not paid any real money for these boxes, I only spent my adena in game to buy them from a player shop for 450kk each. This event is not good at all to buy boxes for real cash and sell them for adena or gamble for items, so I certainly will not bother do things like that
I wasn't referring directly to you spoo. As I said someone has to click the l2store button to get those boxes and grab em for real money.
I do repeat myself, I totally understand when someone wants to gamble with moderation as you did. I hope you can get really fast some profit.

2nd edit. Just mumbling. I had enough of rmters honestly. Open field rbsses no way. 7s talisman 60 billions. Dark ele stones 10 billions. Enough.
Put in the l2store adena so no more rmters. They are the real plague, then we can move to scripters and to the carpet exping players.
NCWest may have real money for adenas and we can get rid of those parasites once and for all.
If NCWest wants to feed them it's ok for me. There are a ton of brand new games that cost less than 1 L2 store pack.
Honestly with the same amount of reeal money i'm putting on L2 I could buy 7 brand new games x month. You choose.

Have fun.

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