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Default Re: Abundance Talisman Event

I see... well, what I did was a very risky gamble cause all adena that I had was 15b and I decided to gamble with like 2/3 of it.

I am saving for a clean +10 set and pushed my luck to see if I can speed the process somehow. Failed like it was expected cause I am not one of the few lucky fellows around which can earn some adena through gambling

Honestly I am glad that I managed to get items which will cover what I spent and maybe even a very little profit if lucky

My advice to the people which like me wanna try their better do not try this(at home) Most likely you will loose your adena/real cash instead of earn something. And if you somehow manage to get adena from gambling in this or other event, congrats, you are really lucky person

I am also voting for adena in L2 Store where people can just buy it and not from RMTers which ruin other players game by locking down raids etc.

And I have a question about this event, Abundance. Now boxes are selling for 500 NC Coins each. Didn't they sold for like half or so in the same previous Abundance event? If yes, what caused this price to go like twice higher than before..? While the rewards are 1:1 without any even slight difference.
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