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Red face Re: Useful "Exploit"

Server Naia: today 10 min ago I'm an Iss enchanter I have finished my quest at Swamplan I talked with NPC Vollodos and go afk 1 min when the player Quellen attacked me with a turtle ascetic HP1 which gave me 367 damage I was buffed so I reflected damage 36 and pet died so I'm PK! Quellen killed me.He wrote in chat that the reason to kill me was the fact I still a mob! I was only giving buffs! So I'm red because your programming has a flaw and reflect damage arrives before damage! I ask you, NCSoft, to solve this problem, revue all chat and all issue (revue my loggin I never used a bot program) and take off my karma I have PK=0 ! I don't deserve it! I never killed someone if I was not attacked!!! Is your fault so solve this problem and fast because I want to play my char! Sace do what you said "This is not exactly a bug, but it is a game mechanic flaw that has been overlooked. It will be reported so that it can be fixed. Meanwhile, if this functionality is found to be abused it may be publicly declared as an exploit, meaning offenders may face consequences" I already did a request to support team.
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