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Default Players abuse this " karma exploit "

i read few times about this , but nobody disturb to do anything about it , prob they like that some ppl farm reputation on bots
on my case i let my char afk , talked on the phone few mins , when i come back my char dead with karma wtf ?!
every day there are some ppl walking around to find theyr customers in IT for example , most of them have very green name
like our dear friend Sace use to say :

Useful "Exploit"
Basically this "exploit" is not a big deal until players abuse it so much that it becomes a big deal. Yes, that is a relative opinion, but if players negatively affected by it petition the GMs to say they've been victimized by abuse of this function, the likelihood of the function becoming a "bannable exploit" increases drastically. Abusers that lead to it becoming a bannable exploit may receive a temp ban, but more serious consequences will occur if someone abuses it after we publicly declare it as an exploit.

Bottom line: don't do it.

We're sending this as a bug report and it will be fixed so that it cannot be abused like this.

what happened ?! are u guys working on it ?!
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