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Default Re: New to game need advice pls

Originally Posted by Sylph View Post
I'm new to the game and I'm playing an Aeore Cardinal. I think I doing so so in really good pt, but most of the time I'm in random pt the monsters keep charging at me after few heal cast ( in SoA those mini boss with green name on their head kill me with 2 skills - each hit took 65% of my hp bar ).
Can any good healer teach me some tips how to lower the monster aggro ?

And when some party member's hp bar empty in 3s and balanced 10s cool down, panic can barely slow down the hp bar dropping rate, the progressive cost too much mp, celestial shield on cool down. What should i do ?

Any good way for healer to make enough adena for shots and some spare to save up for new equipment ?

Thank you.
Get Istina Necklace Wiz (Not best, but cheapest 10% re-use neck) for skill re-use.
Prestiege pack if you can afford (20% re-use rune and +10% HP).
Orfen Soul Earring for Mp Regen (Cheap), Possibly regular Zaken help, can't remember.
Cheap S Grade HP weapon for cheap shots and ++ HP for more survivability.

Heal wise, use Progressive heal on the target NEXT to the one taking damage. I always organise my bar to have tank at top with iss/melee next so I can easily know which one to target for progressive. Balance heal save for panics when people are really low and sometimes follow with group heal.

Sustain will boost your heals on the target if they're taking too much damage to outheal, use that if you need to use brilliant heal due to MP. Fairy helps also, however that really requires knowing which classes can take it without knocking off cubics/overbuff.

I don't have brilliant heal on my bar and only ever use panic heal for PvP. I just use Progressive Heal and Balance Heal sparingly when they're needed (I do have the 2 re-use items I mentioned though).

Celestial wise personally I HATE when healers use party celest like it's candy, all the time. I really really HATE it, especially if I'm in a 2 healer party and it screws me over.

It's a crux party saving skill that gives you time to rez and/or recover, why give yourself the debuff unless you really need to??

I use single celest if I spot times that need it (tank/dd on big pulls, tank taking lots of damage, me getting hit etc). Party celest ONLY if the tank/main DD dies and the party is taking too much damage to spare the time to rez.... or at the end of raids so no one dies.

The revelation skills like Disparation and Undying Will will also help you stay alive a bit more.

Tree wise, I never bother apart from now with my invincible 101 tree... Good on healers without my amount of gear though I guess, but it's purely support, nothing to rely on at all.

One thing that "might" help with the aggro is having your lumi summoned. I don't suffer with getting aggro (I think SOA mobs are programmed to go for healer), but I know Lumi tends to pull aggro from mobs just by being there.
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