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Default Re: New to game need advice pls

How to rearrange the party listing bar?
hold Alt key down, click on the name of the party member in party listing bar and drag it up or down.

You need to position party listing bar, your own buffs/debuffs listing bar, skills bars on such a way that you dont need to move your eyes and mouse cursor much. And that you can target a menber at lightning speed.
You need to keep your party listing debuffs on, always. PvP or not, keep party listing debuffs on so that you can see party members debuffs and cleanse/purge debuffs. You will need to cleanse/purge a lot on higher level.

Tree of life: be carefull where you use it because tree mostly agro mobs on you.
Fairy of life: be carefull with Fairy of life on tank. Fairy of life will deletes one of tank cubics.
Sustain: will boost your healing power, cast it on yourself when needed.
Superior Mana Gain: keep this buff on to provide more MP to the party.
Rebirth: use it when the whole party has less than 30% MP and you can't sustain recharges. But NEVER use it when party Celestial is on, no1 willl get Rebirth. And be sure that you are safe place to cast Rebirth, it can be canceled. And that all party members are in range and alive, Rebirth is useless on dead members after all :-)
Balance Heal: use it whenever some party members have less than 50% HP.
Noblesse: after you ressed a member, use Noblesse on that member.
Lumi: always use Lumi on target, useless to say actually.
Salvation: don't forget to use it on yourself, same as Noblesse.

When you suddenly got aggro from mobs :
Dark Rain: it has chance decrease aggro.
Mass Sleep: sleeping mobs don't attack you :-)
Dissolve: removes the aggression of nearby enemies toward you and increases speed by 100. Use it and run to tank :-)
Disparition: cancels all your debuffs. For 5 seconds, you cannot be targeted. In other words, you will lose agro, should work on raid boss too.

As Ferine said: don't be a Celestial fool.
Just because you have Celestial, it doesn't mean you should use it whenever it is available.
It should be a last resort when you need to stabilize your party. Or when your party is on heavy fire while Balance Heal is not available. Er when you need to ress a member while party is under attack.

You also have a skill called Giant's Favor, it turns you into a mini/baby tank (long cool down).
Use it when you are unable to keep yourself alive while healing your party. Or when you need to ress a member while you are under attack and Celestial is not available.

The best combination (mana wise) is Balance Heal and Brilliant Heal. When Balance is on cool down, you use Progressive Heal.
In a good party, you rarely need to use Progressive Heal, Balance Heal and Brilliant Heal will keep your party alive all the time.

Yul and Feoh skills range is 1100 and these toons mostly stand far away from you. But your Balance/Brilliant Heal range is shorter then 1100, so these toons don't get your heal.
When needed, use Progressive Heal on them and tell them to come closer to you. But don't run to them to heal, your priority is keeping party alive, not just 1 of 2 DD's who keep a light year distance from you.

If a ranged DD is standing in the group of mobs and getting damage badly or a squishy class (Paper Othell) decides to play tank, make sure that they have noblesse, then let them die.
But before ressing them, tell them to keep distance. Or ask the Iss to put Knight on squishy class, especiallly the Paper Othell.

Last but not least: when some member die, dont feel sorry. You are a healer, not God :-)
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