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Default Re: Player Spotlight: Linnda

Originally Posted by Fulgrim View Post
If you wanna do these interviews then try to get ahold of someone relevant. Interviewing nonfactor forum spammers with zero game knowledge or significance is hardly of any use or interest to the community.
In response to your comment Fulgrim, most "factor" players could give two shts less about the community side of L2. They're only interested in pwning the faces of their opponents and show those "punk azz nubs who is teh baws." Not sure if that's really interview worthy.

I've talked with "factors" on Chronos such as iEvey, Psychotic, and Life and in all honesty they're probably the most apathetic and emotionless players I've ever talked to in my L2 career. All they care about is L2, L2 is their life, and from that there's nothing special about their experience since they treat the game like a job instead of a game.

There's nothing to like about them in general. RMT and zeeRanger aside, when they play the game they aren't having fun. They're validating their own existence simply by being the best in a virtual world since reality sucks or is boring for them. To them L2 is life, and its a really sad existence, their touch with reality is gone and they're just as bad as some of my friends who turned into hikikomori right after high school.

In response to your attack on my knowledge of game, I've been playing since Open Beta. Furthermore, I usually read off the Japanese official server since their updates are pretty much the same as Korea's. I know about the game enough to be the "1337 scrub p0wn3r" hero of Chronos. The thing is, I don't have the time, money, or care to be God in a virtual world that is controlled by some bad business managers in Korea.

Originally Posted by Znipoo View Post
I dont think you understand the point of these interviews.
Maybe you should understand the point of them before you complain.

(That being said, i also dont find them interesting at all, unless they interview someone from the staff, i wont care about it, but im not gonna go around *****ing and complaining)

And did you miss its a RPG clan/forum/website whatever you want to call it?
Agreed. Some people think its all E-p33n and no thought/fantasy in an online world.

Originally Posted by Bystacur View Post
I want to nominate this guy from rochand who has a dwarf picture as avatar. He seems to know about everything, some kind of genius, really cool .
Agreed. I think he has (or had) forum presence here before. I'm not sure where he went though.

Originally Posted by kapy1994 View Post
Guess nobody likes that noob Soules and doesnt want interview with the most anoying piece of something of naia ! QQ XD
Most heroes/top players aren't worth interviewing, they don't give a d@mn about anything except their own positions of power of a virtual, noncorporeal world.
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