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Default Re: Admins are blind or just dont care about bots?

Originally Posted by Hempo View Post
Oren/Sea of spores is full of bots, i report but seems like doesnt matter to adm.

This game is dead because neglect of adms.

Alot of bots farming adena to sell for real money, and adms really dont care.

I really want to play this game, but this situation is so sad.

I want to know what u guys from bartz think about it.
Even when this game was at its peak there where bots GM's ban them and they just open new accounts and recreate them its never ending, even if you ban their IP they just spoof new ones bots are in every major MMO that I have seen, I on a positive note I have noticed the heard thinning some what but it is frustrating when your trying to do a quest or just level for that matter and bots keep clearing the field, I would just say that everyone needs to do there do diligence and keep reporting the little buggers as they see them. I don't know what else can be done. just my 2 cents
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