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Default Re: GK looking to duo k99

My test was, and is, accurate because it demonstrates there is no significant damage penalty depending on enemy character level, if you read the post I originally commented on you see he was saying there is a massive dmg penalty - proved it is not.
Are you dense?

Not gonna comment on your test, since its the exact thing as I did.
There is a 10% damage variance when hitting, and your test shows like a 3% damage difference, not accurate at all.

Anyhow back to point, logged my old eviscerator with tyrr dual lv. 92.
Again, hit lv. 89 iss and lv. 101 othell with megastrike.
Both chars had same attribute defense, and the iss had exactly 2% less P. Def.
When hitting with megastrike, I did exactly 2% more damage on the lvl 89 iss, which is explained by the 2% less P. Def.
(If you dont know the damage formula based on P. Def I suggest you read up on that before making another dumb comment.)

If there was penalty based on level, I would be making much more damage on the iss, which I am not.

There is no damage penalty based on character level.
There is no damage boost based on character level.

There are tests done few years ago that say the same thing, both here and 4game forum.
Are you going to admit you are wrong now? Or are you so dense that you will refuse something that is so blatantly obvious?
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