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Default Re: Help please Advice needed for new summoner

Originally Posted by DreamSeeker View Post
2-Hand Retributor is the best but you can also use OE Bow if your main or dual is an archer class. Tauti 2-H is also very good, it's classified as 2 Hand Blunt like Retri so the pets get boosted passive bonus, too.
Came back to the game after 2 years break... My wynn have tauti 2h.
Now i see new weapons...
Very expensive new upgraded tauti and enhanced shadow retributer.
What weapon would be best for wynn? There r 4 options:

1. OE r95/r99 retri
2. 2h tauti
3. 2h frenzied tauti
4. enhanced shadow retributer

Is it worth to change my 2h tauti for enhanced shadow retri? What about r95 blessed retri? With same price as tauti/shadow i can get OE r95 bless retri with much more p atk than both. really dunno what to do...

thnx for advice
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