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The fact that clockwork used to do it, like he doesn't spend money on game, the other day he had 70+ rubies, 40+ amethyst boxes, 70+ other boxes selling in town, is what is annoying. The fact that fooz is now doing it, is just dumb. I would imagine you would agree, that putting wars/flamming aside, that what I said makes sense?

Lmao... i spend on one event and you guys call me out. When reality is I traded gems around to get what i wanted. Got adena from sales bought low sold high. Repeated and made some nice adena.... but im sure you guys dropped 10x what i did. All those lvl 6's. I dont even have full lvl 4's. Truffle buying 1000's and the 13 packs from crum...

I got 6 packs. Fyi
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