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Default Re: Real life farming?

Originally Posted by Melaney View Post
The MEDIAN Canadian FAMILY earns approximately 78,000$ CAD a year, whereas the MEDIAN individual income is around 25,000$-30,000$ CAD.

The AVERAGE Canadian individual income is approximately 35,000$-40,000$, and so you can assume the AVERAGE Canadian family income is around the same as the MEDIAN Family income.

That being said, the average individual Canadian does not pay 30,000$ in taxes.
I think you are probably right but I am right, too.
It's all because of the fact that the top 5% of the population owning the 70-80% of the nation's wealth, while the rest 95% of the population end up sharing the remaining 20-30% of the wealth. I believe the situation is the same pretty much everywhere you go in the world, worst in some countries like top 2% owning 90%.
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