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Originally Posted by Polka View Post
I wanna play Healer but have no idea what item will give better healing power.
Boss jewels, class-specific talismans from castle/fortress, r grade magic/light sets bonuses, from what I can recall.

Is the enchantment will effect healing amount?
Skill enchantment for specific healer skills like sustain/panic heal and/or brilliant heal (power route). Note that others classes, like sigel knight also has some aura skills to increase healer power/amount, and dunno if it's still in use, but concerning healing power in regards of races, it goes like this: human > light elf > darf elf, with darf elfs being the last ones to hold high heal power (race).

Any jewel that help with this?
Orfen's Soul Earring, normal and bless Zaken's Earring, normal and bless Anthy Earring.

Is there any different between Weapon M.atk with healing power?
Very little, but only noticiable when using power based skills like panic heal, brilliant heal, radiant heal (keep in mind that items and certain buffs will affect and somehow spike healer power amount more efficiently that purely matck base weapon), but useless on % based heals (aka progressive/healing melody/chain heal)

Thanks in advance
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