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Default Re: Any changes to the race?

The entire etheria race is a good idea with terrible implementation.

WTH are you talking about? THE SEER IS BROKEN! If you aren't able to make it work the problem is you.

Lets see;

Permanent invisibility, check
OP Mcrit dmg, check
Dissaparation on tap, check
Remove debuffs that would prevent hide, check

Its like they invented a class just to break the way oly and PvP works, you know, like needing a target for a skill. (Yes I know, faohs have more than one non target aoe. GL playing whack a mole.)

Oh what , not OP enough for you? Try an eviserator, why shouldn't one be able to hit epic Tauti for over 2 million dmg per hit? I suppose a titan could too, as long as they also make a specialized tank to box, and get a wep not even intended for their class. You also get a skill that literaly says "you can't die". GF!

You will find that even with all that power as an eviserator (completely broken), you still have the mortal drawback of being seen and targeted. These are not things a seer worry's about.

Let me assist you;


So much skill.....
It took more thought to play a dagger in C2 than this piece of trash the Korean's dreamed up.
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