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Default Re: Any changes to the race?

Well about my sayha... everyone was telling me to get bloody weap +12 and i did... jewels i did dyes i did that too q ant soul ring of cration saphire 3 and alot more.Enchant skill ... yes lvl up to 102 yes and many more and result 0.Noone want a sayha in pt they all say no pve dmg.To go to atelia and altar i had to go 102.And even now no pve dmg not even the half other classes do.AF with r99 +8 armor and abundance lv l 1 i die one hit with slay x boss skill.Thats the sad story of my sayha .Big mistake i heard some ppl when i started the game.Too late to quit .If i am able some time i would be happy to change it to a red libra..........So many billions and a useless toon.At least let us use the hydro flare wtf 1 hit and not able to use more.No pve dmg no aoe and pvp?really?down with one hit from a dagger.Sad story.Sorry for bad english.
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