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Default Re: Any changes to the race?

Originally Posted by Too.old.for.this View Post
Good but tell us how many billions cost your gear?More than 500 as i can see maybe 700-800?
If the price of the gear he has is an objection i think you are playing the wrong game here,
However with his gears as in video it's hardly the top and still enjoyably fun to play from the look of it so why object?
With 30 days rare pack you could get the same boss jewelry as him 3B , +10 Retributer 3SA 40B , +10 PVE robe set is around 90B, +Insanity 60B, Sapphire 4 30B, Opal 3 5B,
Roughly 3+40+90+60+30+5 = 228B and you get great toon to play isn't half bad is it?

@Nashida, I alway thought you have Lv5 Sapphire but look like i am wrong however seem to be fun with just lv4.
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