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Default Re: Any changes to the race?

Originally Posted by Too.old.for.this View Post
I thought we speak for a sayha like most in game.You think a sayha with 228 b gear are not much? and jewels for a month?lol.What about then next month delete the char or pay 3 b again to get pack?A sayha 100 lvl with with +8 retri 2sa and a +6 r99 set cant even kill k95.And at 101 + lvl cant do dmg at all at altar and ppl dont want to take in pt with because no aoe dmg and no pve dmg even to kill one mob.Why sayha dont have aoe dmg i dont understand it.I have sayha 103 with +12 bloody weap with almost 0 dmg in altar.I have pearl 3 , emerald lvl 3 ,saphire lvl 3, diamond lvl 3, pearl lvl 3, blue cats lvl 1 and i change it with lvl 3 pearl depending what i do .Also abu lvl 1 and iam one hit with +8 r99 set in altar.of course i have all time art of seduction in af and altar.I have also regular valakas ,q ant soul ,ring of creation and what a useless char .I am mad with ppl tha told me to make sayha and i lost my time amd money.Dont even kill k95 alone.So nc must tell ppl that if you want to play sayha you need 500b gear or 228 and have to give 3 b each month for jewels.Bad english i know i hope everyone understands.What a ****** class big fail.Wish i could change main class to something else.
I looked at that video. While I understand that he has gear that would seem very hard to get, in comparison to any average mid range player this toon is kinda maybe just barley above average, if that.

The weapon is nice, but it is only a +12 bloody, also known as the most minimum entry level suggested for game play over 102.

The armor is +8 and not even blessed.

The jewels are probably 30 fakes. Also I agree, that's a bad strategy for spending on those every month.

If you were able to make a toon to level 102, you are capable of making a +8 armor set (go for luc tatts, not cha tatts, get over 60). You can get basic boss jewels without sacrificing too much damage, the lindvior being the hardest to replace.

Basically this class, with very normal gear, is dishing out more dmg than MOST classes with better gear and level, to a MOB no less.

I would take your 103 anyday!

Does your armor have element on it? Or is it blessed (very easy with daily coins and a few months to build them up on boxed iss ect.)?

A +8 weapon will need full element and SAs, you want to get to a +10 or better to start to equal out what a full shadow wep might do.

Don't be discouraged, most likely your only problem is that you are 103 using lvl 99-101 gear. It is possible that you just bought or macro-ed your toon to 103 and are not aware of how to play it, but I will give you the benefit of a doubt.

While not as noticeable, again, the seer IS the most broken toon at the moment.
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