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Default Re: Any changes to the race?

Originally Posted by Chucksteak View Post
Ok so we have established you are wiling to spend a decent amount of money on L2. Easily a few hundred USD just in this sentence.

Did you not watch the videos that were posted? Again, MOST classes could not do that with equal gear and level.

Yeah, pretty much. Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with or like the amount of money it currently takes to remain useful at 102+. However I also won't lie to you. 500b? Maybe not that much, but certainly over 200b.

Some things you need if you don't have;
+12 (or at least a +10 shadow) wep
+8 armor (white is fine as shown in the video aobve)
Rings ect that add 15% or more crit dmg
int tatts (+15)
shiny shirt +7 or better (octavis is a cheap substitute, but sucks)
Monkey belt
abundance talisman
ev talisman
longing talisman (or as close as you can get)
Hair accessory +int +matk?
bracelet with int to hold talismans

You see nothing listed is amazing, but it all adds up. And this would be fine gear. If you speak English and play on chronos and need a clan to help with raids ect drop me a pm.

If you aren't getting party's it is their loss. If they don't like you specifically maybe you just need more practice. Have you learned to stay perma hide yet?
i have all the above except belt and shirt but i will get more items asap.I speak english but i am still in freya and iam not gone leave like most ppl lol.
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