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Default Re: Question for healer

Not bad SA at all: MaxHP +15%, MaxMP +20%, MaxCP +30% :-)

Oh wait, now I remember one of the most funny Kartia party I have ever experienced

I was with an alt in Kartia group and after a while I noticed that the healer didn't use a weapon.
I was curious about his healing ability so I talked to him, the conversation in party chat was roughly like this:
Me: healer, where is your weapon?
Healer: I just broke it QQQ
Me: oh, how come?
Healer: I accidentally used EWR instead of BEWR QQQ
Me: so now you heal with ur bare hands?
Healer: yes
Me: can you use PR skill with ur bare hands too?
Healer: yes
Me: please show me, I dont think you can.
Healer: look (and he activated PR skill).

We ported out of Kartia instance and I left party. But before I left, I said in party: Thanks healer, you are awesome!
It was truly an amazing experience.
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