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Default Re: Question for healer

Originally Posted by Eamonn75 View Post
It's a serious question. Is it ok for a DE healer to use a Light armor set and Dual daggers after lvl 85? If so then I can dual class it on my Ghost Hunter and be ok with the gear I already have. If not then i'll just figure out how to get a fist weapon for my current sub. That's if I decide to dual class on the Ghost Hunter.
If you are good enough at healer, light armor and any weapon that does not reduce cast speed is FINE. Heck, in the beginning every healer used heavy armor too (don't use it now tho). For most pve the only two skills you should really need are balance (always first), and chain heal. unless your party is mad tards trying to kill themselves, I pretty much never need to use a single target heal or even group heal. AND, both balance and chain heal are some of the fastest heals, pretty much instant cast, and are not affected much at all by matk, so yes weapon is pretty much irrelevant (you could heal with no weapon too, but not using shots will reduce the effective cast speed, which is ok until there's an emergency).

about weapon, acumen is good to have, but I almost never have an issue running out of mp as long as I am in a clan and have the passive skill holy squad lvl 3 (gives clarity). chain heal uses a lot of mp, so you don't want to spam it too much, but otherwise mana up should not be a necessary on a weapon, unless you are very low level or your party is poorly geared and need too many heals, and in that case it's their problem not yours.

For pvp and higher level pve, health sa is extremely important. It's very bad for the healer to die over and over because they have no hp and go down to the first boss hit as soon as they stand up. My standard pvp weapon is acumen and health; I switch to my high matk nuking weapon only if I feel I can kill someone and they don't have much chance to kill me.
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