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Default Re: Are you ADDICTED to Lineage 2?

Originally Posted by DreamSeeker View Post
You are asking the right question again, Miso. I think I am beginning to like you. I don't like the negative connotation associated with the word "ADDICTION" though. I think you've already asked the same question in a different theme already, i.e. "why do you play?" I didn't answer it back then, so I will answer it now.


For me, I play Lineage2 for its sense of JUSTICE. Stuff happens in real life out of the blue all the time. Everything in real life seems so random. Just because I try hard, work hard, it doesn't guarantee my success all the time, so many things can go wrong; while some other people seem to get lucky without even trying...For this reason, sometimes I get Pi-ssed off at Real life.

At least, when I play Lineage2, everything is honest. If I put in the hours & work for my character, he will gain exp and level based on my effort, and it will always be the same everyday.
Thank you. Nailed my point of view. With this being said, I want figure out and see if there are commons issue that average players have mentally. Iíll start. I think I have anger issues. L2 remedifies a lot of the stress coming from it. Itís a lawless game. Honest like how the world was few decades ago.
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