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Default The BunnyClan [Kuei-Jin] Recruiting

Maybe some of you find it interesting.
We are at TEON.
Clan has long history and always was honourable.
KJ is recently one of the biggest neutral clans on TEON.

In short.
KJ clan lvl 9 (10 not so far?)
CH in Rune <--- not so long
All clan skills ( but not max lvl some, yet)
Active wars, but not SH/X side (we call ourself neutrals)
We have around 100 real ppl (not 80 boxes!)
Every night 25-35 ppl online
People from all around Europe
Wild range of levels in clan :
Lowbie or next subclass ppl 4x-6x
Nice group of fellows who started as 40 in KJ now are 7x/76+
Big group of 80+ (30+ ppl)
Regularly we do Tiat (with ally)/Zaken/CC/etc.
Always we participate at Castle Sieges as active party (we have Goddard castle now)

Recently in clan we have constant groups but as well we keep semi-const poll of people.
We use them as avialable resources to build exp/event parties when they don't want/can't build const.

We looking for People!
All who legit and like community.
Especially we look for 76+ :
Tanks / SD
All applications, as long we have place in clan, will be evaluated.

If you find it interesting, read KJ-clan rules
Still do you like it?
Write application : KJ-clan forum
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