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Default Re: Eviscerating Mobs

Originally Posted by Yuen View Post
If atack speed is important (eviscerators sucks on this coz only get 15% pasive fist + 3% light set bonus, instead of tyrrs 25% weapon mastery + 10% pasive light armor + 3% bonus set) why u use tauti ring?
Tauti for pve sucks, u are rich, earth wyrmm + baium soul instead of Tauti for PvE will be nice coz both give atack speed bonus and extra stun bonus, stun useless in kama but good for open fields, just see now checking screens
You even can reach perma 1500 atack speed without rudoplh i cant...
Why must you de-rail one of the few good posts on this forum with whining and misinformation?

Tauti Ring isn't useless for PvE, it gives a boost to skill power. I invite you to test Steel Mind/Heavy Punch hits with the ring on to see the difference.
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