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Default Re: Eviscerating Mobs

Originally Posted by Yuen View Post
without reaching max atack speed baium still x2 better than tauti in pve LOL or u spam skills with eviscerator killing mobs? hahaha even if u make super shots with heavy punch f1 still better... 5% skill power? with this bunch of gear who need use skills killing mobs? omagad...kill me plz
tell me how many times geared eviscerator use heavy punch killing mobs with or w/o steel, just lateral hit + right/left steeps LOL, skills in Pve = waste of dps if u cant see maybe i m not the wrong here.
Check this guide:

As explained in there "Heavy Punch" is a PASSIVE TRIGGER that can give SKILL DAMAGE at a certain rate when melee attacking mobs, "Steel Mind" gives SKILL DAMAGE on top of every melee swing. Tauti boosts the biggest damage you do, during steel mind and battle rhapsody, Baium Soul doesn't (BR = 1500 atk speed guaranteed).

Also I don't know if you've ever seen this evisc before, but he also uses Tauti (albeit real, unlike my fake 30 day one).
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