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Default Re: Eviscerating Mobs

Originally Posted by Yuen View Post
I know he is using too tauti, and i know with heavy punch u can make the max damage in 1 single shot, i just say in pve tauti is a bit useless, i m talking about max atack speed w/o BR ofc.. with BR all reach 1500, tauti good for PvP? OFC!, but for pve if u cant reach perma 1500 i think Baium Soul is a good choice thats all.
Of course Baium soul is ok for maximising attack speed, also Octavis warroir. However Tauti is far from useless in PvE since Steel Mind is Skill Damage and Tauti boosts this, 1/10 melee swings will trigger Heavy Punch, which is also skill damage that Tauti boosts.

It's far better to give a 5% boost to the biggest damage the toon has (40s of SM + BR) than to give a 2% boost to attack speed (1470->1500). Of course theres also the point that I also have Rudolph. :P

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