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Default Re: Eviscerating Mobs

Originally Posted by TabrisJP4 View Post
very good guide.

Tauti Ring is important in both PVE and PVP.
If you want to increase the DPS in Steel Mind, there is a more effective than Lindvior Earring.(i think)

but, after the Helios updates is better to boost the critical damage.
Heavy Punch and Steel Mind skill damage are about 30-40% down.
but, P.Atk is increase. normal melee damage is boosted.

Now stable in the PVE, but the DPS in PVP is fell.
but it's still better than Yul...
Thank you. and OMG when did they lower Heavy Punch and Steel Mind? It's not in the patch notes! the only thing is Steel Mind is 4x p.atk dmg until 101 when back to 5x.

Is all skill damage lower in Helios for all classes (Tyrr/Yul/Evi/Othel/Etc)?

The only thing I can think of is that the damage of Steel Mind/Heavy Punch did give an unknown 30% boost compared to a skill of same power (Skill gave P.atk * 5 +30% damage), maybe this was removed!
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